Public Relation

“We are not just another event promoting company. We are ready to walk the extra mile for our clients’ reputation”

It’s a simple hard fact. No business can survive in today’s globalization driven market without a good PR strategy. Yes, you need to reflect an image out there of your company that would act as your representative. Be it the cut throat world of corporate affairs, entertainment & media industry or advertising or any other sector for that matter, maintaining public relations is important.

Lucky for you that Windson Media specializes in all forms of media i.e. electronic, print and the very savvy social media and henceforth possesses the capability of blending the right mix of these ingredients into what is called as a good PR service.

We don’t believe in following the rules of the business. We believe in creating our own boundaries and even pushing them when it comes down to taking your brand to the next level.

What we do at Windson Media?

Everything that is used for the promotion and brand building for our clients including advertising and event management comes under the PR service.

Here are the top three services we provide under it

Electronic Media- Right from organizing televised press conferences to planning program integration with leading TV channels, Windson Media plays on front foot handling everything that goes into TV promotions including advertisements.

Print Media- Again, we provide the right exposure to you by tie ups with big newspapers, and leading magazines targeting your desired audience. We organize press conferences, print ads and brand specific promotional write ups in famous publications.

Social Media- Windson Media boasts of a young and tech savvy team of social media managers who will perform the necessary tasks of surviving and winning in today’s internet age. Services on offer- Bulk emailing, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp marketing, text SMS, voice calls etc.

The driving motto behind Windson Media’s highly prolific PR service is- “any publicity is not good publicity, but every opportunity for publicity is indeed a good one.”

Talk to our PR rep now and learn more about our services.